The SLOPickers

Playing Bluegrass has been a favorite pastime of mine for the last 6 years. It started when I picked up the mandolin and the passion has just kept growing. Over the years my buddy and I have jammed countless times and written some fun original Bluegrass music. Now, we have decided to starĀ taking our music to the public with the help of some of our local musician friends. Check out the latest by visiting our Facebook page. We hope to […]

Reese Galido Trio

Check out one of my projects as a mandolin player. The trio writes songs about heartache, good times with friends, and love. Visit the trio’s pageĀ or click on the tab at the top to listen to music, view videos, and book the band.

FluentGuitar Blog

Check out my blog about how to learn music, foundational techniques, and tips to help you become an awesome musician and guitarist fluent in any style.